Most Trusted 18+ Poker Sites

There are many aspects to consider when looking for an online poker room that allows players who are eighteen and up. There are hundreds of poker sites on the internet, and unfortunately, many of them are unscrupulous, offer unfair play, and have no intention of providing a payout to customers, either through rigged games or noncompliance.

That’s why our team has put together a list of the top-rated 18 and over poker sites in existence, vetting each site for legitimacy, security measures, gaming technology, fairness, timely payouts, and longevity in the industry. We know it can be tough to find a reliable online poker vendor when first starting out, so we’ve done the legwork for you and have put them all together in this convenient guide to the most trusted 18+ poker sites.

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Most Reputable USA Online Poker Sites For 2024

Poker SiteBonusRating/5USAVisit Site
1Bovada Poker Logo100% Max $5004.8Play Now Review
2ignition logo150% up to $1,5004.7Play Now Review
3BetOnline logo100% Max $1,0004.5Play Now Review
4SportsbettingAG Logo100% Max $1,0004.2Play Now Review

How To Identify A Reliable 18 And Over Poker Site

Poker Review Logo SmallWith so many options available for online poker for real money, it can be tough to navigate and decide which ones are the most fair trustworthy. Unfortunately, there are many crooked poker sites out there, so finding one that is on the up and up is of vital importance.

That’s why we have provided a comprehensive guide to help 18+ poker players to find reputable online providers. Below we offer our strategies for selecting the most dependable and honest operators online that offer poker for real money.

★ Legal Status

While domestic gambling laws vary through the 50 states, very few address online poker at all. There are a few states offering state-regulated online poker options, but most do not prohibit residents from enjoying real money poker games at online poker sites operating legally within the industry.  This means that a site must be operating within a jurisdiction that has authorized online poker gambling specifically. All of the brands you see on this website fall into this category.

★ Licensing

First and foremost, a legitimate poker site needs to be licensed individually or through a parent company and operating within a regulated gambling jurisdiction. This includes appropriate administration from a trusted governing body that is recognized within the industry. We have vetted these credentials in all the poker sites you see listed throughout this guide.

★ Encryption Technology

When transferring information over the internet, protecting that information is a high priority. SSL and/or TLS encryption technologies represent the state-of-the-art in the field of data and financial transaction protection, and we require that any trustworthy poker site offering their services to 18 and over gamblers include this in their software profile.

Sharing personal information with a third-party vendor is a no-no, so we exclude poker sites who include information sharing as a requirement of membership. Antivirus software is a necessity of any legit poker site, as hazardous infections are the last thing a bettor needs when playing for real money online.

★ Diversity Of Poker Games

Variety is the key to the offerings that over 18 poker sites must provide to make our list. The most popular poker game on the planet right now is arguably Texas Hold’em, but many traditionalists prefer simple 5-card draw. There are dozens of poker games that are incredibly prevalent, so we’d never send a prospective gambler to a site without a healthy selection of cash games and tournament action.

★ Poker Tournaments

Tournament play is not a requisite component of a legit poker site, but its inclusion is highly valued by our team and can play a major role in how high it is listed in our rankings. Some 18+ players are only interested in tournament play, so it is a key element of any highly regarded online poker page.

★ Variety Of Banking Options

Players will have different requirements for transferring money over the internet, so we make sure that a poker site has a large variety of deposit and withdrawal methods before they can earn a place on our recommended list. We place a high value on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin (BTC) support, but as that is relatively new currency on the exchange markets, other options such as credit/debit cards, cashier’s check, money transfer services, and wire transfers must also be included.

★ Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin Support

As mentioned in the previous section, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are the preferred method of currency at trusted online poker rooms. Its popularity is a key factor in why it is something we look for in a reputable poker site, but what’s more important is the secure transactions that its use provides for. The level of encryption involved in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin transactions is superior to the technologies used in the banking and finance industry, making for the most secure financial option in the world today. Bitcoin is often the only method that will allow for a same day payout, which is crucial after winning a large pot at the tables.

★ Industry Longevity

Our team vets for longevity in the industry. Many poker sites may seem like they are new on the market, but when digging deeper, it is revealed that they are a subsidiary of a larger operation. Usually, these larger operations are fair and trustworthy, but that is not always the case. That’s why we dig deep to determine how long they have been in business, and what kind of track record they have.

★ Customer Support

Because these poker games are taking place online, and they involve real money with internet transactions involved, it is imperative that a reputable site offers customer service that is available 24 hours a day in case something goes wrong. To make our list, sites will need to offer support via text, email, or most preferably, by telephone. Offering more than one support option will cause a site to be ranked higher among our preferred online poker rooms.

★ Good Standing Among Poker Players

There are many forums and review sites that allow for users to rate their experiences at each online poker room. The sites that host these reviews are independent of any 18 and up poker sites, and allow for users to speak freely regarding their experiences. We include these ratings when considering our trusted poker site reviews as they reflect a broad-based collection of opinions that reflect many aspects of an online poker site’s reputation.

★ Bonus Offers

Promotional offers are not a requirement of a top-rated over eighteen poker site, but since almost all of them provide bonus cash that matches a portion of a new member’s first deposit, we rate them for value and include it as a portion of our ranking system. The fairness of these offers paramount, as a bonus that doesn’t benefit the player is not in their best interest.

★ Mobile Poker Capabilities

Mobile gambling is imperative in today’s market, and we insist that our poker sites offer gaming on the go for all modern devices like iPad, iPhone, and Android-based smartphones. In order to earn a place in our list of top poker sites, all poker games offered on the regular site will need to conform to mobile devices as well.

18+ Online Poker Rooms: Are They Operating Under Legitimate Licenses?

The poker sites listed in this guide accept members starting at eighteen years old and are operating under legitimate licenses by a legal authority inside of a regulated gaming district. Players inside of the USA are legally able to access these trustworthy and fair poker sites which are either operating under a valid license or are owned by a parent company that has the appropriate qualifications.

These online poker rooms are also available in many territories around the world that allow for offshore gambling sites to operate within their regions. Countries that are not serviced by these sites are stated within the terms and conditions. Although it may be possible to access one of these sites using a VPN, it is not advisable as withdrawing any winnings will be impossible from a forbidden region.

Are Over 18 Poker Sites Safe?

The purpose of our guide to the most reputable poker sites that service the 18+ market is to direct players to the online rooms that are legitimate, offer fair play, and take care of their members. Unfortunately, not all poker sites are up to the task, so we’ve gone through them and provided a list of the best sites that have the appropriate licensing, and feature detailed terms and conditions that clearly state where they are located and what global markets they serve.

We also require that the sites we trust sport a robust encryption and cybersecurity profile that protects user data doesn’t offer member information to third parties, and provides for secure financial transactions. We examine the history of the poker room to ensure timely and accurate payouts, because after all, winning and securing cash is the purpose of the game.

Most importantly, the poker games that these sites offer must be legitimate and provide for fair play. The games should not be slanted in any way and must include accurate card dealing methodologies.

Financial Options At Reputable 18+ Poker Casinos

money stack iconReliable poker sites for players that are 18 and over should offer a wide variety of financial options for deposit and withdrawal. Because of the security protocols built into Bitcoin transactions, it is the method that we suggest and is the preferred type of deposit and withdrawal at the 18 and up online poker rooms that we include in our guide.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the only method that can secure a payout in the same day that it was requested and can occur as quickly as fifteen minutes. The most beneficial bonus amounts are also attached to its use.  Our top-rated online poker rooms offer the following safe and secure methods of withdrawal and deposit.


  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Tether
  • Credit/Debit: Visa, Mastercard, American Express
  • Money Orders
  • Wire Transfers
  • Cashier’s Checks
  • Money Transfer Services
  • Zelle: Cash-to-Bitcoin Services


  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Tether
  • Wire Transfers
  • Cashier’s Check by Courier
  • Money Transfer Services

Promotional Offers From Safe Poker Sites For 18+

The reliable 18 and over poker sites that we recommend offer bonuses to entice new members to join. While many of these bonus offers at online casinos require rollover and playthrough that necessitates extended play prior to collecting a payout, the sites that we recommend offer poker bonuses that for the most part equate to free cash.

Fairness is key to whether a player should consider accepting a poker bonus offer. Before taking any bonus from a trusted poker site, make sure to read through the terms and conditions that are attached to ensure that the offer is advantageous and that the requirements are reasonably achievable. Chances are, if the offer seems too good to be true, it is.

While not typical for poker bonuses, if there is rollover or playthrough involved, make sure to investigate the poker games that will satisfy those requirements, and to what degree. Certain games can be slower to fulfill these obligations or may have no rollover or playthrough value attached at all, while others can satisfy these them at a much quicker pace.

Reliable 18 And Over Mobile Poker Options

Smartphones are more prevalent than ever, and mobile gambling is taking up more of a percentage of the market each year. The Google Play and App Stores do not offer poker apps for real money for Apple and Android devices, but our top-rated 18+ poker sites offer safe and secure mobile poker play via web apps that utilize current browsers like Safari, Chrome, Opera, Google, and Firefox.

Through these web-based applications, reliable poker sites can offer their full slate of games to iPads, iPhones, and Android devices using all of the encryption and cybersecurity technologies featured at their regular websites. The responsive design technology conforms to screen sizes immediately, for seamless mobile poker play that offers peak performance from anywhere with an internet connection.

Live Poker At Dependable Under 21 Poker Sites

Live poker is not a viable or realistic option for 18 and over offshore gambling sites to provide. Recent technological advancements have allowed for live camera feeds that show the dealer in action. While this perfectly suits the game of blackjack, and perhaps Texas Hold’em, five-card draw rules do not allow for any advantage to be gained by seeing the dealer distribute the cards. Also, without being able to see other players at the table, there are no tells that can be seen. Because of these factors, poker sites do not offer live dealer poker, and we do not consider it to be a vital option.

18+ Poker FAQs

As long as you are playing poker with one of our recommended offshore sites, then it is perfectly safe and secure to play online. A full bevy of cybersecurity and encryption options are provided by each site, so you can be confident that your data will be protected, and all financial transactions will be secure.